Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage with Knight and Kay is a combination of Therapeutic Massage and Cupping with gentle massage strokes and static and gliding cupping techniques.

Cupping works on the fascia (connective tissue that surrounds your body and organs) using silicone cups that create a gentle suction to the skin to create negative pressure by lifting and stretching the fascia to allow new oxygenated and nutrient rich blood to the area.

Cupping is a gentle and painless form of pain and trigger point (knots) release.  Cupping does not leave bruising marks, the marks are an indication of the level of blood and Qi stagnation or toxin accumulation in your body.  It is said that cupping shares the benefits of deep tissue massage without the pain but still benefiting muscle relaxation.

Cupping Massage has numerus benefits such as:

Boosting circulation

Reduce/remove pain

Reduce muscle stiffness

Increase range of motion

Ease arthritis pain

Improve lung capacity (great for loosening bronchitis and asthma issues)

Improve exercise recovery time

Soften scar tissue