About Us

Knight and Kay are a family own and run business operated by sisters Angela Knight and Kayleen Bristow in Perth, Australia.  Both ladies are experienced and qualified in their fields of Massage, Aromatherapy and Exercise.  They provide services to help you reduce pain and headaches, reduce stress, become physically capable, more mobile and recover from injury faster.

Knight and Kay's personal trainer Angela Knight has 9 years experience as a qualified fitness and exercise professional, specialising in strength training, rehab exercise, trigger point therapy, therapeutic massage, training with disability and chronic pain clientele.

Knight and Kay came about to help you exercise safely and prevent pain and injury due to their need to want to help you lead a happy and mobile pain free life.

Knight and Kay's Mission

'Helping you from the inside out'

Their aim is to provide the best, honest, reliable, safe and professional service they can to help you feel happy, more mobile and pain free.