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Exercise / Movement / Rehabilitation

Cupping Therapy Massage

Exercise, movement and rehabilitation is about reducing pain and promoting recovery using a variety of exercise modalities to help your body to rebuild, recover, strengthen and cope with daily living.


Our trainer Angela Knight, is a trained, experienced and a qualified Fitness Professional.  Angela offers a wide variety of modalities to be able to provide you with a focused and personalised exercise and movement program.   She specialises in one on one exercise to improve strength and cardio fitness, pain relief with massage and trigger point, muscle energy release techniques, stretching and cupping therapy for people with chronic pain, a disability and the older adult.

Each session is customised and different so you wont be bored or know what to expect.  The trainer focuses solely on your goals, body and your needs to provide you with a personalised, safe and effective program to help you achieve what you want.  Personal Training is cardio (not running), strength, functional movement, posture and alignment, injury recovery and prevention and better health and well being, so your body works for you the way it was designed to do. 

Disability Exercise

Disability Exercise & Movement

If you have a disability such as Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Injury, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Fibromyalgia or wheel chair bound etc or even ADHD and anxiety, exercise has so many benefits for improving your quality of life both mentally and physically. ​ Exercise will improve movement, muscle atrophy, blood circulation, confidence, range of motion, reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes, reduce anxiety and improve immune system.  Exercise will also give you the confidence to be more independent and have a greater self esteem. ​ Knight and Kay will come to you and tailor your exercise program to suit your needs, capabilities and requirements. Angela will provide a focused, one on one full session with a mix of modalities to give you the best, all in one service you need and deserve.

Chronic Pain and Injury Exercise

Do you have chronic pain or have you injured yourself through exercise or an accident and are sick of the pain, discomfort and stress it puts on you, your body and those around you? Then book in now for a one on one session.  Our trainer Angela will listen to your history, conduct a postural assessment and work with you to achieve relief from pain, to rebuild your muscles for posture and pain removal  and release muscle tension with trigger point and massage therapy.​ Exercise will promote endorphins for a happier mind, blood circulation for stronger immune system and confidence due to better health and fitness. Angela will provide a focused, one on one full session with a mix of modalities to give you the best, all in one service you need and deserve.

Disability Exercise & Movement

Older Adult Exercise

Getting older is not an excuse to succumb to pain, restriction and less activity. Getting older is when you realise that you should have taken better care of yourself up until now. It's not to late. Exercise and movement for the older adult will protect bone and muscle strength, help improve posture, improve heart health, and improve and protect joints from further damage, strengthen before surgery and slow down the bodies aging process. You will do exercise that suits and improves your capability as well as learn techniques to reduce that unwanted muscle pain. Angela will provide a focused, one on one full session with a mix of modalities to give you the best, all in one service you need and deserve.

Cupping Massage with Knight and Kay is a combination of Therapeutic Massage and Cupping with gentle massage strokes and static and/or gliding cupping techniques using silicone cups for a gentle and more controlled suction. Cupping works on the fascia (connective tissue that surrounds your body and organs) using silicone cups that create a gentle suction to the skin to create negative pressure by lifting and stretching the fascia to allow new oxygenated and nutrient rich blood to the area. Cupping is a gentle and painless form of pain and trigger point (knots) release.  Cupping does not leave bruising marks, the marks are an indication of the level of blood and Qi stagnation or toxin accumulation in your body. It is said that cupping shares the benefits of deep tissue massage without the pain but still benefiting muscle relaxation. Cupping Massage has numerus benefits such as: Boosting circulation Reduce/remove pain Reduce muscle stiffness Increase range of motion Ease arthritis pain Improve lung capacity (great for loosening bronchitis and asthma issues) Improve exercise recovery time Soften scar tissue

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