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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage works by manipulating and soothing the soft tissue (muscle and connective tissue) of the body by using various gentle techniques.  This tissue manipulation assists in promoting relaxation and well being by releasing muscle tension (tight spots) and pain removal.  Therapeutic Massage is deep tissue, sport and relaxation massage that is safe and suitable to everyone.

Knight and Kay will adjust the pressure of the massage and tailor the massage to the area/s you need the most work, they also provide Cupping Massage Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Chair Massage.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, and massage is able to assist this process.


Massage Can:

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Relieve and/or remove headaches and migraines

Relieve Postural Stress and improve range of motion

Ease Muscle Pain

Improve Sleep

Boost Immunity

Reduce or remove neck pain

Improve muscle flexibility

Improve Blood and Lymphatic Circulation


Massage is Relaxing

Our therapists use gentle Massage techniques and Trigger Point Therapy to get deeper into the muscle tissues to release your tight and sore muscles.  We have successfully been able to release muscle stiffness and knots to remove pain, headaches, improve range of motion, reduce chronic arthritis pain and relieve your sore shoulder and neck pain.

Chronic Pain and Disability Massage

Massage has many positive benefits for you if you have Chronic Pain or Disability. ​ Chronic pain can cause a lot of stress both mentally and physically in the body due to inflammation, restricted movement and discomfort.  Massage is well known for  reducing muscle tightness and soreness within your body as well as increasing circulation, improving sleep and minimizing the effects of inflammation and reducing pain and stress.   ​ People in wheelchairs or with limited mobility also benefit from massage as the muscles are weak and tight due to inactivity and the blood flow is less due to muscles and limbs not being as active.   Massage will help by relaxing the overused muscles, improve circulation to the lesser used muscles and limbs, improve mobility and range of motion, reduce pain, reduce stress and stimulate weakened muscles. Massage will not strengthen weakened muscles but combined with complimentary exercise program will improve the strength of muscles and improve general daily living. ​ Other benefits for Massage include: Relieve constipation Improve digestion Improve sleep Enhance range of motion Increase circulation Reduce or remove pain Reduce inflammation ​ Our massages are therapeutic so they are NOT painful while still getting the desired benefits.  You can request to stop at any time.  You are also continually and modestly covered by clean towels throughout the massage.   Therapeutic Massage can also be done seated in a chair while clothed.

Therapy Healing Mat

The healing mat is comprised of 5 modalities to help the body to heal itself at a mitochondrial level. 1. Red Light Therapy - which rejuvinates skin, muscle and brain function. It relieves pain, boosts collogen and relaxes the body. It helps skin issues and blood circulation. 2. Infrared Heat - detoxes blood, reduces muscle soreness, gives arthritis relief, improves digestion, heart health and scar tissue. 3. PEMF - Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field. (same frequency as the earths magnetic field). It is like a battery charge for our cells, increases oxygen and blood flow, reduces muscle soreness and spasms and helps to eliminate toxins and lactic acid build up. 4. Negative Ions - enhances immune function, relaxes the body, increases oxygen to the brain and revives cells. 5. Tourmaline - has negative ions, helps skin issues and liver issues, increases metabolism and alpha brain waves. Amethyst - conducts far infrared rays evenly, cleanses energy and negativity and increases stamina and endurance. Jade - is a healing stone, soothes headaches, pain and arthritis. Helps with positive energy and soothes pain in the body.

Hot Stone Massage - Coming Soon

Hot Stone Massage is a deep and relaxing massage using Basalt Rocks heated at a safe warm/hot temperature and placed on the body. The rocks are used as an extension of the therapists hands to give the massage. Hot stone therapy is good for relaxation, heat as recovery, injury healing, knot removal, stress reduction and increased joint mobility.

Cupping Therapy Massage

Cupping Massage with Knight and Kay is a combination of Therapeutic Massage and Cupping with gentle massage strokes and static and/or gliding cupping techniques using silicone cups for a gentle and more controlled suction. Cupping works on the fascia (connective tissue that surrounds your body and organs) using silicone cups that create a gentle suction to the skin to create negative pressure by lifting and stretching the fascia to allow new oxygenated and nutrient rich blood to the area. Cupping is a gentle and painless form of pain and trigger point (knots) release.  Cupping does not leave bruising marks, the marks are an indication of the level of blood and Qi stagnation or toxin accumulation in your body. It is said that cupping shares the benefits of deep tissue massage without the pain but still benefiting muscle relaxation. Cupping Massage has numerus benefits such as: Boosting circulation Reduce/remove pain Reduce muscle stiffness Increase range of motion Ease arthritis pain Improve lung capacity (great for loosening bronchitis and asthma issues) Improve exercise recovery time Soften scar tissue

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a very beneficial massage on its own or as an introductory to massage as you can be seated in a chair and fully clothed. Indian Head Massage can also be incorporated into a Therapeutic Massage session on the massage table. ​ Indian Head Massage is performed to your scalp, neck, shoulders, upper back and neck using various techniques such as acupressure points on the scalp, deep tissue work on the shoulders and gentle strokes on the face (if comfortable) to temples and jaw line. Indian Head Massage has many benefits such as: Relieving headaches Reducing insomnia and fatigue Relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression Renew energy levels and improve memory Stimulate hair growth and hair health Improves lymphatic flow Reduces muscle tension and stress Calms the mind Improves oxygen supply to the brain

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a seated massage that is an excellent introduction to massage or a great upper body release for tight muscles, as you are fully clothed. The massage goes for an aproximate duration of 5 - 30 minutes per person and focuses on neck, back, arms and shoulders. ​ Chair Massage: Improves posture Decreases stress Boosts immune system Relieve muscle aches and pains Increase circulation Lowers anxiety and blood pressure

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