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On-Demand Workouts - via MyPtHub app

Are you a busy mum that can only fit exercise between unplanned naps, or an underground miner getting strong in the gym at work?  Maybe you just feel intimidated in gyms and like working out in a park, backyard or home gym, then on-demand is for you.  It's a take anywhere and exercise anywhere you and your phone can go.

By  choosing a package/program and downloading our free 'Mypthub' app you gain access to pre-packaged fitness programs or private fitness programs custom designed for you and you only and not the masses.  It is like having our personal trainer with you instructing your workout in the palm of your hand in a private one on one personal training session with out them actually being there.

With on-demand you can message our trainer any time you like.  Just remember that our trainer is a real person and will do her best to respond within 24hours.    There are no joining or exit fees.  Once you complete a pre-made package it will only be available for the duration of the program.  Your personal on-demand training program is yours to keep forever.  You can start any time and any day you wish.  You can log and keep track of your nutrition and measurements and our trainer is able to see your progress at every step and encourage you to keep going and keep strong.  If you are unable to do a specific exercise the option is there to swap it over.  Just complete the health check forms and provide our trainer with your requirements and goals and our trainer will design and send you your fitness program unique to you.

Whether you are at home, on holiday, self motivated or work away, our on-demand app can provide you with customised training anywhere in the world.  Cheap and affordable prices for one on one private training.


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