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We all want that flat toned tummy and with Summer just around the corner why not start now?

You may think that doing 100+ sit ups will do it, or maybe you have done that and nothing happened. Don't forget what you eat plays a very large role in the roll around your middle.

The following 'Abs in Ads' program is designed to help tone your abdominals, core strength and hopefully flatten.

It is very important you always draw in your bellybutton towards your spine during all exercises to train the muscles correctly. If you push your stomach out in any movement, you will develop a bulging round tummy.

The average advert break is approximately 2-3 minutes in length with each individual advert going for approximately 20+ seconds each.

How to do 'Abs in Ads'? Simply read and follow each exercise doing one per advert. If you get through the list and the ads are still going, then begin at the top of the list. Do this each advert break for the duration of your favourite show. For additional exercise since you're on the floor anyway, do some stretches or walk on the spot while your show is on. Good luck.

Mt Climbers

In a push up position and as you breathe out, draw one knee in towards your chest. Repeat on both sides.

Basic Crunches

Lying on your back with legs bent, breathe out as you reach your hands towards your ankles. Keep your neck relaxed.

Table Top Toe Taps

Lying in basic crunch position, bring both knees up to table top position. As you breathe out lower one foot to tap the ground and return. Repeat on both sides.

Butt Raises

Lying on your back, raise both legs straight up and hold them there. Using just your lower abs, breathe out and raise your feet to the ceiling.

Bicycle Crunch

Lying in basic crunch, breathe out and raise both legs and shoulders off the ground. Alternate opposite hand to foot.


This is the same as Mt Climbers only fast. This is like running in push up position.

These exercises are not suitable for everyone. Please consult your doctor before you exercise. If you have weak abdominals and core strength due to pregnancy, surgery etc then please contact Knight and Kay or your health professional for safe training designed especially for you.

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