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Chronic Pain Is Real

Chronic Pain is real. It cannot be seen, imaging scans show no damage, but the pain felt is real.

Chronic Pain can come from a past injury and even stress. The majority of chronic pain is not caused by physical pain, but learned neural pathways in the brain. This is pain memory and neural pathways from the pain area to the brain getting a hyper-sensitive message, with you feeling a lot of pain and discomfort.

Changing the pain signals is not a quick fix just like losing weight is not something done overnight. It requires you to be persistent and to believe that you can create new neural pathways to the brain that are pain free. Educating yourself is important. Its learning that the body is amazing at healing and that the brain can be trained. It’s about the power of positive thinking and it's also about overcoming avoidance of everyday movement that causes pain.

With correct technique and progression, exercise/movement can help you to learn that your body is a healing machine, that you can improve the pain, your range of motion and your strength and do things you currently are restricted in doing. You must also learn the difference between hyper-sensitive pain, pain memory and pain that will cause harm.

Having modalities done such as Cupping Therapy and Massage will also help your pain tolerance and assist in the re-training of your brain and its pain messages.

Your pain is real. Let me help you reduce your pain with brain to body exercises and relaxation massage.


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