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Does one size fit all?

There are a lot of #influencers, businesses and friends out there promoting health and wellbeing for your mind and body and telling you how amazing you will feel, but where do you start and what works for you?

The reason there is so many people supporting #health and #wellbeing is because it has been tried, tested and works. Most people like myself don't figure it out soon enough and it's

not until we are in our 40's that we get it, and then we are so excited that we want to help everyone to get and feel amazing too.

When you exercise frequently and eat a predominantly healthy, non processed diet you feel happy, energetic and clear. But does one size fit all? There are so many options out there like yoga, meditation, ice baths, massage, crystal healing, reiki, hiking, breathing techniques, fitness class, vegan diets, low carb diets, paleo diets, drink kombucha, green tea, bone broth etc. Now, all them work, but obviously not at the same time and what may work for your best mate or the airbrushed fit model on #instagram may not actually work for you. Does it make you happy? Maybe you don't like to sit still and meditate, even though there is proven benefits for your brain, but there is other ways you can achieve similar results. Hug someone for more than 10 seconds or go for a walk along the beach and stare out at the ocean. What ever works for you.

We all know that exercising regularly and eating less processed food, less meat, less sugar, less alcohol and more organic fruits and vegetables will make you feel amazing but you are also sick less, you have less to no pain, your less stressed or moody, you feel motivated and focused and you sleep better. Then that good feeling becomes a drug and you wonder what else you can do to fine tune your mind and body. Well the only option is to try as much as possible and stick with what works for you and makes you feel good. Don't be influenced, listen to your body. It's ok to have everything in moderation.

I personally like to lift heavy weights, bush walk, get a massage, meditate and look after my gut health. They always have me smiling. Not the lifting weights, I smile once I'm done, then I feel like I have succeeded. I do also feel happy relaxing with a glass of wine even if the next day my mind and body don't feel as happy as it can be. I'm mostly healthy and sometimes not.

Remember, #wellness for the mind and body has been around for years for a reason. Make your own choice and feel great doing it.


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