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Exercise and Pain Management

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting longer than 12 weeks. It can occur from an injury, lifestyle or illness. It contributes to poor sleep, anxiety, depression, lifestyle limitations both work and socially and of course healthcare costs.

Exercise was once avoided in favor of rest to recover. The benefits of exercise, and I don’t mean running a marathon, competing in an iron man competition or lifting very heavy weights, is finally being recognised as a form of chronic pain relief.

Exercise improves mental wellbeing and physical mobility but it also aids in reducing pain severity and its impact on your daily living.

If you have chronic pain, gentle exercise like yoga, walking, strength and conditioning, stretching, range of motion, core training, foam rolling, breathing techniques and the gentle touch of massage all help to reduce or manage your pain. Exercise helps your brains reward center by circulating higher levels of dopamine so that you feel motivated, maintain hope and generally feel better. Your mental well being plays a large roll in your bodies pain and how you cope.

Exercise boosts your mood, improves stamina and pain tolerance, improves blood flow/circulation, it helps improve a healthier mind body connection and a different way of thinking. The benefits will help you to overcome the constant pain, struggle and difficulties that you encounter daily so that you can feel more like yourself, happier and able to manage your lifestyle easier.


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