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A diet secret from the ancient Greeks

Did you know the word diet is a derivative of the Latin word diaeta?

Guess what it means… . . . It means “a manner of living” or “a way of life”. They may not have had the internet (with its website warriors and fitness experts) but the ancient Greeks knew a lot more about diet than we give them credit for.

The next time you’re speaking to someone who’s looking to lose weight - ask them how their diet is going. And I guarantee… with money… they’ll look at you sheepishly and tell you they quit. Often within a day or two. Nearly always within the first week.

You see modern man (or modern marketing) has got diet all wrong. It’s not a program you work through, it’s not something you hit hard for a week, a month or just to look good for the Summer, it’s a way of life, a manner of living. Your diet. My diet. Everyone’s diet is a work in progress that’s going to take years to master, so take your time. Forget all those crazy fads, take the pressure off yourself, give up trying to be perfect and just sort your diet out one step at a time. Take baby steps, add improved habits every week or every month. Take the long term approach and take the successful approach to dieting. It’s about sustainability. It’s about slow, gradual improvements. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better… And better… And better… And it’s worth the investment because it could realistically add years to your life. . .

Diet - from the Latin Diaeta. A way of life.

Time for a re-think about what you eat.


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