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Mind over Matter

We have all heard of it but its more that just a catchy phrase.

Often when I am training people through their exercise program, I see them give up before they even try, they tell themselves and me, “I just can’t do it”. Well guess what signals the brain is sending their body?

As a personal trainer, I know that the body is much stronger than the clients mind is telling them which is why I push the client further or heavier during their workout. The more they tell themselves that weight is too heavy the more the brain tells the muscles to believe it.

When I was younger doing gymnastics, my coach and my mother would tell me to visualize doing my routine perfectly in my mind, over and over. At the time I figured it would help me to remember and get the routine right during competitions. They were right, the repetition in practice and in my visual mind was teaching my muscles and nervous system to remember and get it right in a positive manner.

How many of you have injured your foot and say “It will hurt when I stand on it”? When you say that every time you stand up, you are conditioning your brain to feel pain when you stand which is exactly what needs to happen to protect you from pain. But, how many of you have had that foot injury heal and months later still have pain? You need to condition your brain that it will not hurt anymore to stand on because the body has healed.

When you ride a bike, you do it without thinking “I must turn each peddle using my leg muscles”. You don’t need to because you taught your brain and muscles through repetition and the positive mindset that you know how to ride a bike.

Positive thinking will help you to overcome long term pain, lifting that heavy dumbbell and doing that push up lower. (And of course, correct exercise training.) Telling yourself daily that you are strong, happy, able to move freely will teach your brain and nervous system to do what you are asking. Believe in yourself that you CAN DO IT, or will teach yourself to do it, that you will be ok and that you will get there.

What you think you become. I believe in you and I believe in the positive mind.


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