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Want to sleep better

How many times have you said or heard 'I slept crap today' or 'I didn't get any sleep today' or 'I've been awake since 2am'?

I recently saw a post from a fellow small business owner advertising a bottle of essential oil for 'sleep'.  Now there was no problem with the post nor the oils, it was all of the replies that revved me up.  So many people saying they want the oil for their insomnia, their kids insomnia, that they just cant sleep etc.   I didn't want to be rude but if you say you have insomnia, an oil will not fix this problem.  Oils are designed to assist not fix.  And, never put oils on your child unless advised by a qualified Aromatherapist.   Why?  Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it and Essential Oils that have been around for centuries with proven results are very harmful if used incorrectly.  This is why in Australia we do not ingest them (only a qualified and accredited Aromatic Medicine practitioner can recommend ingestion).

If you want an Essential Oil to assist with yours or your child's sleep, use oil reeds, diffusers, dilute the oil in baths or creams and please, please speak to an Aromatherapist (not a salesman) about the amount of oil to use first.   Oils even though are natural and beneficial are also very harmful and have health affects on people, such as people with high blood pressure, pregnancy, skin irritations, rashes etc.

Now I admit, I sleep very well except for an occasional early wake tossing and turning or my son has woken me.  I'm a big advocate for having massage, exercising and the sense of smell (essential oils) for a good nights sleep.  Some other ways to help you sleep:

  • Exercise

  • Relaxation Massage

  • Essential Oils - recommended by Aromatherapist

  • Writing it down.  Your head wont stop the noise?  Keep pen and paper by your bed and write everything down no matter what the thought and discard it in the morning.

  • Don't keep the mobile phone by the bed

  • No alcohol, caffine or sugar at least 2 hours before bed

  • No computers, phones or tablets before sleep

  • Read a book with low light

If this doesn't assist you then could it be your hormones, medication or is something in your life bothering you? 

Sleep is a very important part of our day.  this is when we rest, recover and rebuild our body and minds.

Sweet Dreams

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