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Frankenfoods are not something you’d see in a horror film.

Sadly, they’re a part of everyday life. Designed in a laboratory, made in a factory, and sold using fancy adverts and catchy phrases.

Worse still is that Frankenfoods have become an accepted part of modern life and our weekly grocery shop. The problem with these manufactured foods is that they are not the stuff God/Mother Nature intended us to be eat, digest and absorb.

Some food looks more like plastic then it does food, and many of these foods never go bad. They don’t rot, they don’t decay, they don’t go moldy.

Ever left strawberries in the fridge for a week or two and come back to see they look the exact same? It's the same with bread, fast-food and plenty of vegetables. It’s just not natural. Scary more like it because your putting it in your body.

Read the ingredients of candy coated chocolate and it’s actually a chocolate flavored covering – not chocolate! What is that about?! Fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, we’re surrounded (and lots of our food) is covered in stuff we just were not designed to ingest and digest.

The list is endless and these foods are not good for you - no matter what a food company convinces you of. Our salads are doused in chlorine to kill the bugs and lengthen the shelf life. Our animals are mass produced and pumped full of drugs. In a nutshell… welcome to world of Frankenfoods. From fast-food to microwaveable meals - these processed foods are bad for us and must be avoided. Why? Well for one they are often manufactured to taste nice. What I mean is that they are chemically designed to taste nice.

And some are designed to make us eat more. Plus no food that can last for months in a warehouse is natural. Not to mention the fact that the nutrition content of these foods is insignificant unless they’re fortified with vitamins added. Second because they’re not fresh they are often crammed with “something else” that’s just as artificial to make them taste better. For example when low-fat foods were being made they tasted so horrible the manufacturers loaded them with sugar to make them palatable. Thirdly, these processed foods don't provide your body with energy, vitamins and nutrition you need to function, work, sleep and play, and because processed foods lack the ability to satisfy your hunger (when compared with real foods) you eat more!

You just don’t know what is in your food when you buy it pre-prepared and packaged. It could be the worst of the worst ingredients scraped from the factory floor. If you don’t believe me then how many people do you know could scoff a pack of cookies? Could that same person eat four or five bananas? I doubt it. Natural foods make you feel full, you don’t want to overeat them and it’s hard to get fat on a diet that consists of nothing but REAL food.

Processed and fast-food (whether by design or because of the junk they put into it) doesn’t fill you up which means you eat more and more which means weight gain. It is no wonder that our society is getting fatter when the foods we eat and, the foods that are cleverly marketed and sold to us are so detrimental to our health. This is harsh but very true.

Your diet needs to be built around cooking food from raw materials. No more packaging. No more hidden ingredients. It’s food that can be broken down and absorbed by your body. It’s food that boosts your metabolism and nourishes you body.

Think twice on your next grocery shop.

If it doesn’t rot…

If it’s packaged and processed…

If you don't know what the ingredients are when you read them....

Then keep away.


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